Earlier this year I experienced myself flying toward the moon. The aircraft I am with was full of passengers and since we are traveling to the moon I assumed I was in a spacecraft. The flight level and we could get out of our seat.

Since it is impossible for me or for anyone to go to the moon, the vision, I suspected, is showing me traveling to a country that the moon symbolizes. The moon then is a ‘dark language’ symbol for a country I would be flying in the future.

What is this country?

I believed that country is Israel. When the aircraft took off and we had to stay on our seats, that is what everyone who travel on air experience. So it is not really a rocket ship but an airplane.

I have my confirmation the moon symbolizes the country of Israel. Firstly in Revelation 12 we read of a certain woman standing on the moon – “a moon under her feet “(verse 1). That woman is the nation of Israel, of course.

This Saturday night (September 13) in my dream I saw the moon from the window in our house coming closer and closer to earth until it sphere touched our house. Slowly it reverted back to its original orbit in the sky.

When I woke up, I heard movement in the next door. I was informed before that someone from Israel is coming to stay in our house so I thought they are cleaning the room in preparation. But at breakfast I was told that the woman from Israel has extended her stay with the Jewish family she’s working for another two years. She will not be coming for a visit but later on next year on February.

Is that the reason why the moon has moved away from earth?

Another interpretation suggested to me that the catastrophic punishment for the sin I have committed will not really make the heaven and earth to collide upon me. But it would be withdrawn quickly because our God is a merciful God, Blessed be His name (HaShem).

Afterward I found our house full of cobwebs and spiders that the moon had brought. It could only come from the moon. They said spiders are sign of good luck and approaching money. Cobwebs are also sign of good luck. Somehow God is telling me I will come in sudden possession of millions and millions of dollars so I could enforce the Law of Moses on the people on earth with an iron rod.

That is what the vision really meant.

We have a Jewish tradition that the dream will happen in accordance to its interpretation. So my interpretation will stand. We are going to clear the Temple Mount and the Islamic Muslims in the coming days ahead will experience sorrows and woes as if the moon has crashed down on them. Yes, their Moon God will suddenly come crashing down on them.

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