I had a dream on September 9.

“I was in the kitchen and I found an old wallet in the ground. The wallet had a $ 20.00 inside it. I took it out and saw that one-third of the note is missing.”

I have an old wallet like that. I am still using it and most of the time it only have a $ 20.00 with its missing one-third part. I could not spend it so it stays inside my old wallet with the rest of the other notes that I could not spend. I have been living like that for many years now since that dream that I have where that wallet is taken away from me.

“I went out of our house and something caught my attention in heaven. The sky was cloudy but I can see a glimmer of lights behind the clouds. There were ships in the sky behind the clouds. They were bigger than the usual UFOs that people see in the air. They were many and huge. The ships had many lights. And I asked in my mind what those ships with lights are.

At that instance the heaven unrolled itself and I saw all the names of the heavenly angels.

I found no interest on the names of the angels for they were not written in English but in ancient language, transliterated though. Besides what is the used for me of the names of the angels of God?

I remembered. I know one of the angels of God — Michael. So I looked up the name of our favorite archangel and I found his name in the group of seven angels with the title of LUCELUS. There I saw his name in its original Hebrew – Miy-kael. The other names in the Lucelus group are the same seven archangels that we know of written in ancient manuscript.

I looked at the names of the heavenly angels of God, wondering.

A friend of mine suddenly appeared besides me. His name is Eliazer. We watched together as my wallet was taken up to heaven at that point.”

From that time I have never have anything in my wallet except something that looked like the torn $ 20.00. So when you dream at night make sure your wallet is kept and hidden in a very safe place that even God would not discover.

I am a walking dead, biblically speaking, for in the Holy Scriptures, the poor people on earth are considered as ‘dead’ or taken out of the land of the living.

I wondered what the meaning of this dream of mine where I have found my old wallet that had been taken up from me to the heaven.