Yeshua Ed/posted on August 19, 2008

Last night we have a burning smell going through our entire neighborhood. At first, we thought the burning smell was emanating from our electrical installations, and that we have a short circuit or an overload but nothing was smoking at all. We even smelled the back of the TV set but the smell is not coming from there. It seemed to have come out outside so we checked the electrical wires in the electrical post.

But most of our neighbors started coming out also from their houses and started complaining of the same smell of burning electricity. Everyone has smelled it in their own houses. Some of us went and checked nearby commercial printing house but that is not the source of the burning smell. I went up to the roof of our house and heard some of our neighbors checking their houses also for possible electrical short circuit that might cause the smell. But no one has found the source.

And the burning smell was concentrated only near the ground as if it is coming from the ground.

In some houses and abandoned building structures, the smell remained after 30 minutes especially those with no cemented flooring.

This could be spooky phenomena so if you know the reason why and where the burning smell came from feel free to share it with us. There are some people that have experienced this thing but so far I have not come across to an entire neighborhood like what we have experienced last night.