I had a dream on September 9.

“I was in the kitchen and I found an old wallet in the ground. The wallet had a $ 20.00 inside it. I took it out and saw that one-third of the note is missing.”

I have an old wallet like that. I am still using it and most of the time it only have a $ 20.00 with its missing one-third part. I could not spend it so it stays inside my old wallet with the rest of the other notes that I could not spend. I have been living like that for many years now since that dream that I have where that wallet is taken away from me.

“I went out of our house and something caught my attention in heaven. The sky was cloudy but I can see a glimmer of lights behind the clouds. There were ships in the sky behind the clouds. They were bigger than the usual UFOs that people see in the air. They were many and huge. The ships had many lights. And I asked in my mind what those ships with lights are.

At that instance the heaven unrolled itself and I saw all the names of the heavenly angels.

I found no interest on the names of the angels for they were not written in English but in ancient language, transliterated though. Besides what is the used for me of the names of the angels of God?

I remembered. I know one of the angels of God — Michael. So I looked up the name of our favorite archangel and I found his name in the group of seven angels with the title of LUCELUS. There I saw his name in its original Hebrew – Miy-kael. The other names in the Lucelus group are the same seven archangels that we know of written in ancient manuscript.

I looked at the names of the heavenly angels of God, wondering.

A friend of mine suddenly appeared besides me. His name is Eliazer. We watched together as my wallet was taken up to heaven at that point.”

From that time I have never have anything in my wallet except something that looked like the torn $ 20.00. So when you dream at night make sure your wallet is kept and hidden in a very safe place that even God would not discover.

I am a walking dead, biblically speaking, for in the Holy Scriptures, the poor people on earth are considered as ‘dead’ or taken out of the land of the living.

I wondered what the meaning of this dream of mine where I have found my old wallet that had been taken up from me to the heaven.



Earlier this year I experienced myself flying toward the moon. The aircraft I am with was full of passengers and since we are traveling to the moon I assumed I was in a spacecraft. The flight level and we could get out of our seat.

Since it is impossible for me or for anyone to go to the moon, the vision, I suspected, is showing me traveling to a country that the moon symbolizes. The moon then is a ‘dark language’ symbol for a country I would be flying in the future.

What is this country?

I believed that country is Israel. When the aircraft took off and we had to stay on our seats, that is what everyone who travel on air experience. So it is not really a rocket ship but an airplane.

I have my confirmation the moon symbolizes the country of Israel. Firstly in Revelation 12 we read of a certain woman standing on the moon – “a moon under her feet “(verse 1). That woman is the nation of Israel, of course.

This Saturday night (September 13) in my dream I saw the moon from the window in our house coming closer and closer to earth until it sphere touched our house. Slowly it reverted back to its original orbit in the sky.

When I woke up, I heard movement in the next door. I was informed before that someone from Israel is coming to stay in our house so I thought they are cleaning the room in preparation. But at breakfast I was told that the woman from Israel has extended her stay with the Jewish family she’s working for another two years. She will not be coming for a visit but later on next year on February.

Is that the reason why the moon has moved away from earth?

Another interpretation suggested to me that the catastrophic punishment for the sin I have committed will not really make the heaven and earth to collide upon me. But it would be withdrawn quickly because our God is a merciful God, Blessed be His name (HaShem).

Afterward I found our house full of cobwebs and spiders that the moon had brought. It could only come from the moon. They said spiders are sign of good luck and approaching money. Cobwebs are also sign of good luck. Somehow God is telling me I will come in sudden possession of millions and millions of dollars so I could enforce the Law of Moses on the people on earth with an iron rod.

That is what the vision really meant.

We have a Jewish tradition that the dream will happen in accordance to its interpretation. So my interpretation will stand. We are going to clear the Temple Mount and the Islamic Muslims in the coming days ahead will experience sorrows and woes as if the moon has crashed down on them. Yes, their Moon God will suddenly come crashing down on them.

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Yeshua Ed/posted on August 19, 2008

Last night we have a burning smell going through our entire neighborhood. At first, we thought the burning smell was emanating from our electrical installations, and that we have a short circuit or an overload but nothing was smoking at all. We even smelled the back of the TV set but the smell is not coming from there. It seemed to have come out outside so we checked the electrical wires in the electrical post.

But most of our neighbors started coming out also from their houses and started complaining of the same smell of burning electricity. Everyone has smelled it in their own houses. Some of us went and checked nearby commercial printing house but that is not the source of the burning smell. I went up to the roof of our house and heard some of our neighbors checking their houses also for possible electrical short circuit that might cause the smell. But no one has found the source.

And the burning smell was concentrated only near the ground as if it is coming from the ground.

In some houses and abandoned building structures, the smell remained after 30 minutes especially those with no cemented flooring.

This could be spooky phenomena so if you know the reason why and where the burning smell came from feel free to share it with us. There are some people that have experienced this thing but so far I have not come across to an entire neighborhood like what we have experienced last night.

Guantanamo Bay Dream Interpretation

Just like I have seen in a vision, Guantanamo Bay will be in the news headline. This American facility for Muslim terrorists is the same place where they conduct the trial for the inmates. There are people in that facility that are not directly involved in terrorism. But nonetheless they became part of it and part of the Guantanamo Bay.

Being shot in a dream is a sign of injustice in much the same way that guns are symbolic of injustice in our life. The driver of Bin Laden has just been shot, though he was not directly involved and part of the terror that Bin Laden is bringing on the West. In most of the Courts of Law all over the world, injustice is being done on the people that are being harassed and wrongfully accused. That is what Guantanamo Bay symbolizes in my dream.

It is a place where injustice happens like all the rest of the Courts of Law in many countries on earth.

Thus I can say that a person being shot in a dream shows that someone will be sentenced wrongfully in the courts of Law.

I have other dreams before that supported this interpretation.

Guns symbolize injustice and being shot in a dream means someone will be accused or judge wrongfully.

Excerpts from Headline News connected to my Guantanamo Bay vision.

Bin Laden’s Former Driver Is Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

By William Glaberson

Published: August 7, 2008

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba — Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the convicted former driver for Osama bin Laden, was sentenced Thursday to 66 months in prison by the military panel that convicted him of a war crime Wednesday.

The military judge, Capt. Keith J. Allred of the Navy, had already said that he planned to give Mr. Hamdan credit for the 61 months he had been held, meaning that Mr. Hamdan could complete his criminal sentence in five months. After that his fate is unclear, because the Bush administration says that it can hold detainees here until the end of the war on terror.

The unexpectedly short sentence was far less than military prosecutors had sought. Through more than five years of legal proceedings against Mr. Hamdan, prosecutors had pursued a life sentence, and earlier in the day, faced with Mr. Hamdan’s acquittal on the most serious charge against him, prosecutors recommended a sentence of at least 30 years and said life may be appropriate.

Mr. Hamdan’s lawyers had recommended 45 months, or less than four years, as a reasonable sentence.

After just over an hour of deliberations on the sentence, the panel of six senior military officers returned to the windowless tribunal room with their sentence on the single war crimes charge for which they convicted him Wednesday, providing material support to a terrorist organization.

After the president of the panel, the most senior officer, read the sentence, Mr. Hamdan rose at the defense table, collected himself for a moment and spoke. Referring to an apology he had made to victims of terrorism Thursday morning in the same room, he began: “I would like to apologize one more time to all the members. And I would like to thank you for what you have done for me.”

Supporters of the military commission system immediately said the sentence proved that the Bush administration’s system for trying detainees here was legitimate and fair. David Rivkin, a Washington lawyer who has been a consistent supporter of the administration’s detention policies, said it would be difficult for anyone to criticize the system after the sentence.

“This is an enormously compelling indication of how independent the process has been,” Mr. Rivkin said. He added that the defense had been successful in portraying Mr. Hamdan as a marginal player in al Qaeda who had no involvement in terror planning.

Mr. Hamdan’s trial featured dueling images of the former bin Laden driver, with prosecutors portraying him as an unrepentant “Al Qaeda warrior,” and the defense portraying him as a poorly educated Yemeni who drove for Mr. bin Laden, often with a weapon, because he “had to earn a living.”


Mr. Swift, a former Navy lawyer, argued that a sentence in proportion to Mr. Hamdan’s participation as a driver would help make meaningful some future verdict against the planners of the 2001 terror attacks.

“At some point,” he said, “we will bring the people who conspired, the people who brought those buildings down, and that’s going to be a great day.”

Mr. Swift said that a sentence that is modest by comparison to a potential sentence against the Sept. 11 plotters would help give that eventual sentence its proper significance. “And it will be all the more meaningful because we got the guys who did it, not the driver.”

The Bible speaks of an hour of trial that will come on all the people on earth (Rev 3:10). If you have been inside a Court of Law or being part of the Justice system in any country on earth, you would realize that the inhabitants on earth especially those living in a Democratic country (like the USA) could be brought into a court trial even if he or she has not committed anything wrong.

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YESHUA ED /Posted on August 8, 2008

When I anxiously went home last Monday I told myself that if this too passes and God shall see me through, I would write about it. God can really deliver and sometimes the people that we thought would help us are not really there at all when we need them. I have sounded my need for money to pay court fees so I could end my trial but my words fell dead on the ground. I could not ask directly since my family still owed some money from them.

All I have is God and if used my transportation allowance, which is not enough I would not be able to go back in the city.

I guessed I want to see if God is really going to take good care of me in time of my trial.

When I reached home with my heart full of sorrow, I told myself I would write down all of my trials in life wherein God has delivered me through. It is not easy. I have died a hundred times before and I am still standing. Heaven and earth had already crashed down on me and I still exist though without life.

Hopeless I asked myself the phone number of my sister who is working at the government office next town. My sister who is staying in our house gave me the number and even promised to lend me her daughter’s cell phone so I could text my sister Miriam instead of calling her on the landline.

Then she told me that the court has sent me a letter about the Mediation on my case. I told her that I have to pay Php 500.00 for that process. She asked me if that is the reason why I am going to call my sister in NIA. She handed me Php 500.00 which the Community Captain has given her and told me not to call Miriam anymore.

That ended my worrying about money.

When I went to the Judge’s Office, the clerk told me that the Fiscal has said I do not have to pay anymore for the Motion’s fee. I asked how much do we have to pay for the two Criminal cases and who should pay for it. The Clerk told me it would the two cases would cost Php 600.00 and that the accused is the one who normally pay for it out of deference for the accuser who is going to stop the case.

I told her what if it’s a harassment case. Do the victims have to pay for being harassed in the Court of Corruption?

She said, maybe I should asked the Fiscal.

While waiting outside for my Aunt, my sister came by and asked me what I am doing there at the Municipal Building. I told her I was trying to end the cases and that the Court said I have to pay the Court fees of Php 600.00. She gave me a One Hundred so I would have enough.

That is how God had given me assistance on my hour of trial.

My hour of trial has started in the year 2004 when we started keeping the Law of Moses. The court process in our country proceeds slowly. And when you are being accused falsely it is the wicked accuser that suffered, having to pay for the lawyer’s appearances in the court.

Last week I have finished rewriting the 613 commandments of God that Maimonides had arranged. I started working on the Torah in the year 2006 and it was only on August 1, 2008 that I have finished reviewing all the 613 commandments of God. I wondered if it means something to God.

I have become the Lawgiver just like Moses and soon I would post the new order of the Torah in language that the people on earth would easily understand.

I know for many people on earth Php 600.00 is hardly worth worrying about. But I have been doing the work of God for five years now with only a Weekly Transportation Allowance of Php 300.00 to Php 500.00 each week. So for me that is a miracle per se.

I have to post this so I would remember later on how God kept me in my hour of trial (Revelation 3:10, NKJV).