The 36 Hour Fast

Yeshua Ed/August 1, 2008

One of the tools we can wield against all kinds of evil is fasting and prayer. I am speaking here as a minister of God, although I am not a Church of God appointed minister, but who among the ordained ministers from the scattered Churches of God has a heavenly license anyway to do the work of God in this end of time?

Our power as ministers of God against the unseen principalities in dark places, increases when we go on fasting normally for 24 hours, without food and water. Some people claimed there are many kind of fasting but they are mostly unbalanced like the members of Eckankar group. To us in the alleged Church of God, including the true Church of God of Israel (the holy nation of Israel), fasting is done by refraining from eating and drinking completely. You can fast overnight like what David had done when his child with Bathsheba was taken by God as punishment for killing the husband of Bathsheba. But most of our fast is like that of the Yom Kippur fast. Except we wash our face and body so the people around us would not know what we are up to. It is a spiritual fast that we do contrary to the Pharisaical fast or the Jewish rabbi’s fast where we make it our business to make the world knows we are fasting.

Yeshua taught us to pray secretly inside our own private room so God would answer our prayer in secret as well. We fast secretly so God would reply to our prayer secretly. This is now my third consecutive fast since the price of oil started decreasing. Can you believe that my fast is powerful enough to make the price of oil went down by $ 10.00?

Of course, I did not fast to save the world from high oil price but there is a time when we run out of things to pray during our fasting. You should not believe the Jewish rabbi’s teaching that we should not fast because we have something to pray and ask God for. Fasting should not be wasted without asking God for something that we desperately need. That is biblical, of course. Even Jesus taught us that only way we can exorcise the most virulent evil spirit out of a possessed person is through prayer and fasting.

I believe the world is under the evil influence today of the World Future Stock Market and we need to break down whatever hold the evil influence of speculation has on the price of oil.

Anyway that is not my objective in writing this article.

There are people among us in the Church of God that have experienced fasting for two days in a row, without food and water. I have only gone as far as 36 hours in my fasting yesterday and I want you to know what happened after 24 hours. We can concentrate more in our prayers after the 24 hours have passed. Sometimes the prayers during a 24 hour fast are not really serious especially when you are trying to eke out a living at that time. There are people that are fasting superficially on their fast because they could not help it.

Who’s going to feed the children? Who’s going to water the plants? Who’s going to cook the food for the family? Who’s going to run the family business? “What is wrong with you God? My favorites are not a bunch of boy scouts who can figure out things for themselves?”

You know the song. It is not easy fasting for many of us here on earth.

How powerful really is a 36 hour fast compared to the regular 24-hour fast?

And what happened after the 24 hours have gone by?

You must understand that for most of the people on earth fasting is not normal. We call those people who fast like that, especially when they are part of a religious sects and denomination as a cult. Of course, most of the people on earth are not aware that the Roman Catholic Church is the number 1 cult of Satan the Devil on earth. So this business of calling a religious group as a cult or heretic is not really right because Christianity itself if we use the Holy Bible as a guide is a religion created by the Devil to deceive the people on earth concerning the teachings of our Jewish Promised Messiah.

By the way do you know that the Philadelphia Church of God under the leadership of Gerald Flurry is a religious cult?

I even have a suspicion that the members of our little congregation are cult-followers. In the New Jerusalem congregation, you are free to believe in anything just as long as you are keeping the entire Law of Moses. But many in our group do not even want to go to the doctor to determine what is wrong with their physical body. They believe God can heal whatever is making you ill. If you read the news about that religious family whose pre-teen daughter suddenly died of diabetes because they want nothing to do with the medical profession, you should not believe that God is readily available for us when we need His help.

All right, depending on the time you have eaten your last meal, that is three hours from your last meal, in a 36 hour fast, there will come a point when you are no longer hungry and have no need of food. The head ache will completely disappear and your mind would suddenly become clear as if you are not fasting. So your mind would function normally and you will regain your focus or concentration. At this point, you can pray without vested interest. It is like you can communicate and talk to God candidly and clearly.

At this point, if you are highly evolved, you can easily separate from your physical body.

Let us forget about out-of-body experience if you do not know that.

Since you really have nothing to do at this stage and you feel weak and tired, there is nothing else for you to do but pray to the Lord our God. You can pray for the peace of Jerusalem after Jesus has come back. God will surely answer that. You can pray for anything at all for God sometimes answers our prayer when He knows it is not done selfishly. All your ego and selfishness would have disappear completely at this point so make sure you mention the name of your enemy for God can bring a deep and lasting change on him or her in His own especial way.

On the 30th hour of your fast, if you are working or doing something, you could continue without any problem at all. But if that happens to be midnight it is not really easy going to sleep especially when your neighbors are making disturbingly loud noises. The fact is it is really true that your mind will get clearer and clearer as the hours passed by.

Anyway, when I turned off the light in my room, I saw dead people at the edge of my eye.

There is a danger after you go way beyond the 36 hours in your fast. If no one is watching you could end up dead. Of course, I could be wrong for some of the people I know have made it through the 48 hour fast. And I observe nothing wrong with them except they no longer eat that much.

They now require little food but more water so they could function normally.

They would really look good dressed in a white strait-jacket.

Do you know that if you fast straight for forty days and forty nights, God would make you one of the two witnesses in Revelation 11?

I would like to see some of our ordained ministers in the Churches of God to do that. The world would be a much better place to live in if the ministers and pastors of the Churches of God would try that. The false prophets and the false teachers would be gone.

But do share with us what happened beyond a 36 hour fast.

Happy New Moon Day to all of you!


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