September 2008


I was about to stop my update on this blog when it suddenly occurred to me that no one is reading this blog at all.

This comes to me suddenly.

David the Prophet had foreseen more than two thousand years ago how the moon will strike the enemy of the people of God with an arrow (singular, one arrow). Israel will attack Iran and if my interpretation is right it will happen on this month of September. I am not saying here that I am a prophet that God is using today to tell you this for this may not happen at all like all the thousand false prophecies I have written according to the people who love me greatly.

Returning to the coming attack on Iran on this month, kakatuv:

“But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly they shall be wounded. So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away” (Psalms 64:7-8, KJV).

One arrow through the venthole is all that it need. That one missile would be deadly to Iran’s nuclear ambition. But then again who am I to know what David had really written and does God still go out with the army of Israel?

Iran might not be the target at all.

But at this time, it is only the Iranian President who is shooting Israel with arrows of bitter words (verse 3).

Watch for an attack on Iran this last days of September.

Meanwhile in the news:

U.S. to Sell Bunker-Busting Bombs to Israel

This is an excerpts from Nissan Ratzlav-Katz’s article published on 09/16/08 at

Bunker-busting bomb

Bunker-busting bomb

“The U.S. government has agreed to sell 1,000 satellite-guided “mini-bunker-buster” bombs to Israel.

Boeing’s Guided Bomb Unit (GBU)-39 bomb, weighing in at just 113 kilograms (250 pounds), was developed for penetrating fortified targets located underground. The U.S. decision to sell the munitions to Israel was somewhat of a retreat from a refusal last week to supply the IDF with the more powerful two-ton GBU-29 bunker-busters, despite earlier commitments to do so. In 2005, the Bush administration authorized the sale of 100 GBU-29s to Israel in a proposed deal worth around $30 million. The currently approved deal will be worth a total of $77 million.

Along with the recently approved sale of the bunker-busters, the U.S. agreed to upgrade the Patriot missile defense system deployed in Israel.

The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency has called such deals with Israel a contribution “to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country that has been, and continues to be, an important force for economic progress in the Middle East.”

The Iranian Threat
One threat to Israeli security stems from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both the U.S. and Israel have reiterated in several forums that the military option to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons remains on the table, alongside international sanctions and other diplomatic means. Several sensitive facilities used in Iran’s nuclear development program are located underground and some of them may be vulnerable to the bunker-buster munitions Israel is set to receive. The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency announced this week that Iran was not cooperating with the UN inspections process.

Iranian officials recently threatened painful and surprising retaliation for any strike by Israel or the United States. An Iranian defense official said Iran has prepared “hidden” capabilities for such an eventuality. In intelligence circles, it is known that Iranian-sponsored terrorist cells, some from the Lebanese Hizbulllah, have been dispatched to various locations in the Middle East and beyond to await the order to retaliate against Western targets.”

Who will dare to wager that Israel has not yet taken delivery of those bunker-busting bombs?

Israel already has the arrow needed to do the job on Iran. The world will wonder how David has destroyed Iran. One lucky bunker-busting bomb will do the job. And may the angel of death guide that arrow when it flies downward into the air vent, where it will do much damage.



I had a dream on September 9.

“I was in the kitchen and I found an old wallet in the ground. The wallet had a $ 20.00 inside it. I took it out and saw that one-third of the note is missing.”

I have an old wallet like that. I am still using it and most of the time it only have a $ 20.00 with its missing one-third part. I could not spend it so it stays inside my old wallet with the rest of the other notes that I could not spend. I have been living like that for many years now since that dream that I have where that wallet is taken away from me.

“I went out of our house and something caught my attention in heaven. The sky was cloudy but I can see a glimmer of lights behind the clouds. There were ships in the sky behind the clouds. They were bigger than the usual UFOs that people see in the air. They were many and huge. The ships had many lights. And I asked in my mind what those ships with lights are.

At that instance the heaven unrolled itself and I saw all the names of the heavenly angels.

I found no interest on the names of the angels for they were not written in English but in ancient language, transliterated though. Besides what is the used for me of the names of the angels of God?

I remembered. I know one of the angels of God — Michael. So I looked up the name of our favorite archangel and I found his name in the group of seven angels with the title of LUCELUS. There I saw his name in its original Hebrew – Miy-kael. The other names in the Lucelus group are the same seven archangels that we know of written in ancient manuscript.

I looked at the names of the heavenly angels of God, wondering.

A friend of mine suddenly appeared besides me. His name is Eliazer. We watched together as my wallet was taken up to heaven at that point.”

From that time I have never have anything in my wallet except something that looked like the torn $ 20.00. So when you dream at night make sure your wallet is kept and hidden in a very safe place that even God would not discover.

I am a walking dead, biblically speaking, for in the Holy Scriptures, the poor people on earth are considered as ‘dead’ or taken out of the land of the living.

I wondered what the meaning of this dream of mine where I have found my old wallet that had been taken up from me to the heaven.


Earlier this year I experienced myself flying toward the moon. The aircraft I am with was full of passengers and since we are traveling to the moon I assumed I was in a spacecraft. The flight level and we could get out of our seat.

Since it is impossible for me or for anyone to go to the moon, the vision, I suspected, is showing me traveling to a country that the moon symbolizes. The moon then is a ‘dark language’ symbol for a country I would be flying in the future.

What is this country?

I believed that country is Israel. When the aircraft took off and we had to stay on our seats, that is what everyone who travel on air experience. So it is not really a rocket ship but an airplane.

I have my confirmation the moon symbolizes the country of Israel. Firstly in Revelation 12 we read of a certain woman standing on the moon – “a moon under her feet “(verse 1). That woman is the nation of Israel, of course.

This Saturday night (September 13) in my dream I saw the moon from the window in our house coming closer and closer to earth until it sphere touched our house. Slowly it reverted back to its original orbit in the sky.

When I woke up, I heard movement in the next door. I was informed before that someone from Israel is coming to stay in our house so I thought they are cleaning the room in preparation. But at breakfast I was told that the woman from Israel has extended her stay with the Jewish family she’s working for another two years. She will not be coming for a visit but later on next year on February.

Is that the reason why the moon has moved away from earth?

Another interpretation suggested to me that the catastrophic punishment for the sin I have committed will not really make the heaven and earth to collide upon me. But it would be withdrawn quickly because our God is a merciful God, Blessed be His name (HaShem).

Afterward I found our house full of cobwebs and spiders that the moon had brought. It could only come from the moon. They said spiders are sign of good luck and approaching money. Cobwebs are also sign of good luck. Somehow God is telling me I will come in sudden possession of millions and millions of dollars so I could enforce the Law of Moses on the people on earth with an iron rod.

That is what the vision really meant.

We have a Jewish tradition that the dream will happen in accordance to its interpretation. So my interpretation will stand. We are going to clear the Temple Mount and the Islamic Muslims in the coming days ahead will experience sorrows and woes as if the moon has crashed down on them. Yes, their Moon God will suddenly come crashing down on them.

Visit our Jewish website and see how the moon will rule planet earth.